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     First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.  My name is Richard Boyanton – I am 68 years old, have raised over three sets of kids, and have been married to my beloved wife, Grace, for over 48 years and counting. 

                   While I now enjoy the fortune of having a wonderful family and my own small business, things weren’t always so easy for me.  At the age of seventeen, with nothing more than the clothes on my back and the name I was given, I ran away from home to join the Army and become a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.  At age eighteen, an age in which one ought to be preoccupied with things like which college to attend or who to ask out to prom, I was trudging through the jungles of Vietnam with the 101st Airborne, during which time I was awarded a Purple Heart as well as numerous other decorations.

                  After finishing my service in the military, I decided to start my own business.  I am and always have been a businessman, in fact, the gene seems to run in the Boyanton family.  My father was a businessman and an inventor and held several patents to his name.  He, along with my brothers and myself, started the only publication in the fencing industry at the time (which we later sold).  Following in the family footsteps, I myself have a patent to my name and am currently the owner of two small businesses – Scott Fence Company and Boyanton Industries. 

                   Aside from my entrepreneurship and military service to our great country, I also take pride in the fact that all of the children I have raised have grown up to become successful, productive citizens.  For example, my oldest grandson, whom I raised and paid for to be educated at Saint Stanislaus high school in Bay St. Louis, MS, is fluent in both Chinese and Japanese.  After graduating top of his class in economics at NYU, he recently completed his master’s degree from Yale University and is now in Japan doing important research on US-China-Japan relations via scholarship. For someone like me, the oldest of eight kids, whose parents could just barely provide enough bread on the table to feed us each day, much less pay for luxuries like higher education, to be able to watch the kids I personally raised grow up to achieve great things and take advantages of the opportunities I had never brought me any small amount of satisfaction. 

                            Now onto my reasons for running for Senate.


                  Recently, as I was thinking about the values I tried so hard to instill into my children; I stumbled across a sort of dilemma in my system of belief. 

                  I taught my children that war is terrible and that it should be the absolute last choice.  Yet I left out the fact that I love my country that I fought for, that I carried men off the field who gave everything for this country, and that my honor compels me to protect the principles they died to uphold, because their lives mean so much to me, even to this day.

                  I taught my children that America is, and always has been, a great country.  Yet I left out the fact that our founding fathers at the time were no more than a collection of normal men with a dream to build a new country. These men were not perfect -- they had many faults, as all men do. And their grand project had one big fallacy – slavery. The idea that “all men are created equal” came with an asterisk, * black people and women not included. Sometimes greatness takes the wrong path.

                  This reflection has made me realize that, regardless of the mistakes committed by our forefathers, and whatever the horrors war entailed for myself and countless others, American history has left behind a core, unique set of values that is absolutely worthy of upholding. These values include a trust in the individual and his work ethic combined with unity, self-sacrifice, and a willingness to strive for a greater, common goal.  These values are what made America a leader in the world, a beacon upon a hill for all other countries to follow.  They can be applied to every American, regardless of race, gender, or class.  Without a solid foundation based on these shared, cohesive values, the Union cannot stand together as one.

                   Yet, with each passing day, these same values are coming under greater attack, and as a result, tensions between fellow citizens in this country are reaching a boiling point.  After years of watching Congressmen sit on their hands and do nothing about this, or even worse fan the flames for their own personal benefit, I decided to throw my hat into the race. I decided to run for Senate in order to bring power back into the hands of ordinary citizens that love their country and are concerned about its future.

                  At this time, we as Americans are standing at the crossroads between the path of capitalism and the path of socialism. The Democrats have a strong force behind them pushing for socialist changes, such as free healthcare and free education. Such unilateral measures prove that they are determined to undermine the elected government of the people. If the Democrats are able to regain power, they will undoubtedly move the country away from capitalism and towards their own vision of an “ideal”, top-down managed society. If we as Republicans stand by and do nothing or fall victim to inner strife and division, we will have only ourselves to blame, and future generations will forever mark this date as the start of the American failure. Our country from the time of its foundation has been thrust forward by small businesses, hard work, and individual achievements. Do we really want individual ingenuity and dynamism to be replaced by government-elected bureaucrats who have all the answers?


                  We must only look at Venezuela to see what a socialist future would lie in store for us! The lesson is clear: the government is inefficient at best, and compared to private businesses can only be described as inflexible, slow, and never cost-effective.  Government-run enterprises crowd out private business investment and lead to state-run monopolies in what would otherwise be competitive markets. With so much on the line, we must win this fight!!!

                 Unfortunately, these days, Congress appears to be no more than a “body of leaders” that somehow manages to remain leaderless, no matter who is in charge. Year after year, we witness them accomplish very little. Year after year, we witness them concentrate on matters of little to no importance as they shy away from the most pressing issues of our time. Over the years, politicians have grown accustomed to being given a pardon at each election, despite having accomplished nothing. Their lofty ideas only seem to last as long as their speeches. In the “country club” called Congress, for the most part, no one makes great waves, and everyone is polite and politically correct to the point of nothingness. WE NEED A CHANGE!!!!!!